Slaughterhouse Five IOC Model – p. 149-151

IOC Example – Slaughterhouse Five

Here is the modeled IOC example from class today, November 14, 2012. The outline is below:

AP Lit – Great Resource for Literature & Art Today, and In History

Want to be cooler? Of course not – you’re already the coolest ev-ah. But on the off chance you’d like to rock some hipstertastic literary, artistic content, check out Brainpickings. Careful – it’s addictive. For example, 17 songs based on the poetry of ee cummings. Awesome.

IB L&L: Oranges Notes – First Lecture

Here are the notes from our first discussion of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. We’ll continue the discussion on Wednesday.

IB L&L: May 02, 2012 – Media Deconstruction & Comparative Writing

Today in class you are to complete the following activities:

Watch and deconstruct this famous attack ad from the 1988 US presidential election. Use this version of our deconstruction worksheet and the language of persuasion document in Google docs to complete this. Feel free to work together. Share your individual deconstruction in a document with . . . → Read More: IB L&L: May 02, 2012 – Media Deconstruction & Comparative Writing

IB HL: Final Exam Review Sheet

Please see this link for your final exam review sheet. This document is also in the shared Handouts folder for unit 6. Please feel free to prepare as much as you’d like for this exam by preparing responses to the provided prompts based on the texts given.

IB L&L: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit Discussion Thread

Please read this post, follow the directions, and complete your journal before Wednesday, your responses to groupmates before Friday. Thanks!

Reading: IB L&L – Poetry: “Shafro” by Terrance Hayes

Here is a poem from the National Book Award winner Lighthead by Terrance Hayes entitled “Shafro.” Please read it and fill in the third circle of your 3-Way Venn diagram on the subject of “Black male mentality,” comparing the handling of this subject with Giovanni’s. By way of context, check out the trailer for Shaft, the . . . → Read More: Reading: IB L&L – Poetry: “Shafro” by Terrance Hayes

Revision: AP Question 3 Example Responses

Check out these sample responses to question 3 from the mock exam, compare them to your response, and plan a revision accordingly. Please have a revised draft by Monday, March 26.

Homework: IB L&L – Video: “The Girl With the Flaxen Hair”

Please watch this video and read the Nikki Giovanni poem “On Hearing “The Girl With the Flaxen Hair” for discussion in class tomorrow.

Assignment: English 10 – Comparative Essay on Reservation Blues

Please have a look over this document outlining our next essay project beginning next week. Come prepared to ask any questions and to start work immediately on this cornerstone assessment.