Classwork – Digital Journalism Podcasting

For our next assignment, we will create a podcast based on our current event articles. This could be as simple as reading your article, but also consider all of the options:

  • Record audio sounds to add life to the piece, like music and interviews at the dance for an article about the dance, for example
  • Use existing interview audio in your piece
  • Make music or find Creative Commons music to use; copyrighted music may not be used
  • And beyond…
You can use Audacity,  the Aviary Suite online via your tablet (instructions here), the iPad (GarageBand Tutorial here, not sure how it applies to iPad) (another here), or another way that you know about and I don’t! Consider checking out a microphone from the library for this activity and consider ways to limit ambient noise. You will be graded on a modified version of the English Department Oral Rubric. Have fun & be creative.

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